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Strategic Partners

Banisa Energy is a part of conglomerate which naturally complementing each other.


USAR - innovative technologies in solving problems of engineering diagnostics. USAR is a geophysical company equipped with the latest technologies that provides a wide range of engineering services for technical diagnostics of various engineering facilities. We perform the following works:

  • Mapping and diagnostics of utilities
  • Monitoring of urban road network to locate possible sinkholes
  • Diagnostics of the technical condition and identification of defects in the construction of bridges and overpasses
  • Technical diagnostics of hydraulic technical facilities (dams, dikes, canals)
  • A detailed study of composition and properties of soils for engineering-geological surveys

LLC “Ecological processing technologies” performs operations in waste gathering and preparation as recycled material as well as hazardous waste products handling and their utilization. Within development of investment project “Alternative thermal energy” the company develops a production line of its own pellets using solid domestic waste (RDF) which is considered to be ideal fuel for burners.

LLC “VIKIWOOD” Ltd has a complete woodworking production cycle with capacities of up to 1000 cubic meters of hard wood per month. Within the cooperation in alternative energy project LLC “VIKIWOOD” Ltd produces and supplies wood granules “Pellets” for Banisa Energy.

The project of the Ukrainian National Technology Platform (UNTP) "Agro-Food Platform" is a voluntary association of individual thematic clusters (led by professional experts in their respective fields) having organizational and working groups, representatives of the interested political, scientific and industrial structures.
The UNTP "AGRO-FOOD" serves as a tool for strengthening the innovative potential and efficiency of Ukrainian small and medium enterprises through the development of economically viable research programs and rapid implementation of the research results.
The UNTP "AGRO-FOOD" includes the following clusters:

  1. Food Technology and Industry;
  2. Agro-food biotechnology;
  3. Agroecology;
  4. Safety and quality of food;
  5. Plant health;
  6. Animal Health;
  7. Human Health;
  8. Nanotechnology;
  9. ICT;
  10. Markets;
  11. Social and economic cluster;
  12. Coordination and international management.

The UNTP "AGRO-FOOD" board includes chairmen of the clusters, designated representatives of the State Agency for Science, Innovation and Information, Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy.

The UNTP "AGRO-FOOD" is a member of the following international networks: Food Cluster Initiative (FCI), IFR - Food & Health Network (for scientists), ComNet (for industry).