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Social Policy

CharitableFoundation «Open Palms»

Banisa Energy Ukraine aims to be effective in everything, including the development of its social image.

Therefore, the company cooperates with the Charity organization «Open Palms» and assists in implementation of the following programs:

  • “Adult children”
  • “Oxygen.ua”
  • “Non-Format”
  • “Support for children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis”
  • “Bone marrow transplantation”
  • “Transplantation as a chance”
  • “Ukrainian hospital“

By participating in charity, the company’s management wants to change the world and make it happier!

Win with love!

“Open Palms”
Charitable Foundation 
20 Poliarna Str., office 311, Kyiv 04655 
Tel. (044) 233 63 42 


Bank details: 
“Open Palms” CF USREOU code: 38662944 
c/a 26006621 with department № 3 
of PJSC “FUIB” branch in Kyiv city, 
MFO: 334851 c/a 26000056201566 
with PJSC “CB PrivatBank” Metropolitan branch, 
MFO: 380269

Financial report

Donations of Banisa Energy Company for charitable programs of the "Open Palms" fund:

344 547 UAH - for 2014 

1 134 751 UAH - for 2012 - 2013, see the report