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Ukraine is trumpeting offers of breaks on tax and duties to lure foreign investors in clean energy as it pushes to reduce dependence on Russian gas.


The Full Report (200+ pages) gathers statistics, infographics and the most up-to-date data on the developments of the European bioenergy industry.


BIOMASS magazine, july 2015


UABio’s Position Paper N 12 covers issues related to the state of the art, support mechanisms and prospects for bioenergy development in Ukraine.


EU Sustainable Energy Week: Investment Framework for Energy Efficiency (18 June 2015)


The UK Pellet Council has created a new training film on good design for wood pellet handling. It will help both installers and consumers to know how to handle and store pellet, and it's part of a coordinated effort to raise the standards of design of wood pellet heating systems.


Over the last years, the Pellets Industry Forum, which takes place in combination with the ENplus-conference June 11-12, 2015 this year, is recognized as a central platform for exchanging knowledge and networking in the national and international pellets industry.


NCSREPU lowered the gas price margin for industrial consumers and state-financed institutions by 19.1%, that is from 8900 UAH to 7200 UAH per 1 thousand cubic meters


The State Budget of Ukraine for 2015 provides for UAH 500 million to compensate for differences in the production of heat power for the population at the installations generating heat power using any fuels alternative to natural gas.


NCSREPU increased the average tariff for heating for the population from April by 71.8% (by 224.5 UAH / 1 Gcal) - up to 537.2 UAH / 1 Gcal (without VAT).