We produce and deliver environmentally friendly heat energy

International Project "Alternative Thermal Energy"

Within the international program on improving ecological environment and developing alternative energy sources, Banisa Energy implements the project on heat supply management.

For project`s implementation Banisa Energy owns a complex material, technical and production facilities which include equipment for energy audit performance, a complex for boiler equipment production and pellets production line.

The project implementation program provides designing, building or modernisation of heating systems with further generation and implementation of alternative thermal energy based on renewable raw materials.

The project objective is:

  • Innovative solutions and technologies for increase in companies’ power efficiency
  • Introduction of thermal energy deficiency reduction at the expense of commissioning of additional capacities on the basis of modern developments
  • Use of local types of fuel
  • Gaining outside vendors independence in the heat and fuel market
  • Creation of additional work stations
  • European system of management and human resource management

Project Implementation Advantages

  1. Minimisation in heat loss
  2. Generation of an uninterrupted thermal energy source
  3. Optimisation of temperature conditions
  4. Cost saving in terms of heating agents
  5. Heat consumption decrease by 15-20%
  6. Reduction in СО2 emissions
  7. Decrease of gas dependence
  8. Qualitative diagnostics and designing of the object considering Client’s requirements
  9. Commissioning of innovative equipment that meets all modern requirements
  10. Supply of non-polluting thermal energy
  11. Reliable service and high professionalism of specialists