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Banisa Energy Germany


Anna Krychevska, tel.: +491 762 545 65 64

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Manufacture and supply of alternative heat power

Banisa Energy Germany Company invests in the project of alternative heat power and thus redesigns the heat power system of the client company. Banisa Energy Germany is committed to a continuous supply of heat power.


Replacement of gas burners with solid-fuel ones

The specialists of Banisa Energy Germany company carry out modernization of gas and oil-fired boilers, gas burners in bakeries, grain dryers etc. and installation of the injector type multisystem burner, operating on the basis of pellets. The company has developed engineering solutions for the modernization of Viessmann, Bosch, Buderus, Junkers boilers, as well as domestic production boilers.

Project examples

Bakery Plant

Grain dryer


Heating based on radial tubes

Office building

Residential Building

Elementary School






A franchise agreement was concluded with the Germany company in order to use innovative technologies.

Banisa Energy Germany Company offers solid fuel boilers:

• pellet boilers with capacity from 20 to 500 kW;

• injector type pellet burners with capacity from 20 to 750 kW;

• injector type pellet burners for ceiling heat emitters with the capacity from 20 to 75 kW.