We produce and deliver environmentally friendly heat energy


Banisa Energy boilers with a “multisystem torch” which ensures total pellets combustion with minimum smoke emission. Boilers relate to the 3rd class and are certificated according to the European standard, SR EN 303-5.


Solid-fueled pellet boilers for heating and hot water supply

The Banisa Energy solid pellet boilers with "a multisystem burner", which ensures their unique features:

  • Efficiency factor - 94-97%
  • Minimum CO2 emissions
  • The boilers burn almost all types of pellets
  • The boiler efficiency does not depend on the pellet type


The solid-fueled injector type pellet burner

The injector burner provides for the supply of thermal energy for:

  • bread making plant ovens
  • grain dryers
  • hot air generators
  • steam boilers
  • convectors
  • electricity production.

The burner power ranges from 20 to 750 kW.

A technology for modernization of gas, oil-fired boilers with the installation of a solid-fueled pellet burner was developed.

The solid injector type pellet burners for overhead emitters

The pellet burner is designed specifically for use with overhead thermal radiators and heating rooms with high ceilings.

  • industrial shops
  • warehouses
  • gyms
  • exhibition centers, etc.

The burner power ranges from 20 to 75 kW.

The advantages of the Banisa Energy solid-fueled pellet equipment 
  • Efficiency - the efficiency factor amounts to 94-97%.
  • Reliability - the boiler is not subject to oxidation or wear and tear, its lifespan reaches decades.
  • Innovation –  with "a multisystem burner."
  • Automation - full automation of the operating process and control.
  • Environmental compatibility - minimum emissions of pollutants.



    Banisa Energy boilers are part of the third class and certified in accordance with the European standard SR EN 303-5.




    The results of independent tests confirm the high efficiency of the Banisa Energy equipment.



    Banisa Energy leads the charge and constantly improves technologies and equipment. As of today, engineering developments in the field of heat and electric power (cogeneration units) as well as on the increase of equipment capacity are at their final design and research stages.


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