We produce and deliver environmentally friendly heat energy

Banisa Energy

How to economize on heating?

This is a concern of everyone, from a country house owner to a manager of an enterprise. Energy independence and cost-cutting have always been and will be priority tasks for every handyman.

Banisa Energy successfully solves this problem due to the innovation project in the sphere of alternative energy, which combines economic effectiveness and ecological safety. Advanced technologies of solid fuel boilers allow us produce ecologically friendly alternative thermal energy on the basis of renewable raw materials. 

The main project outcome is 20% COST REDUCTION OF THERMAL ENERGY, and at the same time the company takes all the expenditures upon itself. The Client receives WITHOUT PAYMENT a turnkey installation and modernization of thermal equipment, which comprises:

  • Diagnostics
  • Design engineering
  • Replacement of the out-of-date equipment
  • Supply and installation of modern boiler equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Further service maintenance

A twenty per cent reduction of thermal tariff became possible due to the organization of a complete production cycle, namely:

  • In-house manufacturing of boiler equipment. 
  • Own production and material and technical facilities for conducting energy audit, installation and service maintenance.
  • Plants producing ecologically friendly fuel, the pellets
  • Own supply of raw materials for fuel production. We use naturally renewable and easily accessible energy sources. As raw materials we use:
    • Wood and agricultural waste which previously were put out to pasture (sawdust, chips, straw, husks and sunflower stems)
    • Considerable reserves of lignin – practically waste-free ecologically friendly fuel
    • RDF (municipal solid waste).
  • Tried and tested logistics for uninterrupted delivery of pellets to the Client.

Besides a hard economic benefit, alternative thermal energy from Banisa Energy gives additional advantages:

  • Independence from the price increase for gas, oil, energy, heating systems condition, public services, auditing and controlling gas services
  • There are no frozen funds of advance payment for gas, sanctions for too small or too big gas consumption
  • Possibility to control heating – in any season the Client receives as much of heat as he needs
  • Full automatization of the process –  necessary temperature is kept constant
  • The Client does not have to maintain thermal equipment, as our services takes care of it
  • Minimal CO2 emissions and air contaminants are many times lower than European standards
  • Lack of waste. The content of fuel ash does not exceed 0,5% of the whole volume of pellets.

Engineering ideas of Banisa Energy guarantee supply of thermal energy:

  • for heating buildings and hot water supply
  • for industrial use: cookers of bakery plants, grain dryers, heat air generators, steam boilers, converters
  • for generation of energy

Banisa Energy works with international investments which is a guarantee of reliable cooperation, stable work, and high quality.