We produce and deliver environmentally friendly heat energy

The advantages of the Banisa Energy solid-fueled pellet boilers


Environmental compatibility

The unique "multisystem burner" provides for combustion of pellets at the temperature of 1300 °C with minimal emissions of pollutants:

Emissions of particles - less than 7.4 mg / m3
Standards: Germany - 60 mg / m3, Romania - 150 mg / m3, Ukraine - 150 mg / m3

COV emissions - below 10 mg / m3
Standards: Germany - 78 mg / m3, Romania - 100 mg / m3, Ukraine - not standardized

CO2 emissions - below 50 mg / m3
Standards: Germany - 100 mg / m3, Romania - 250 mg / m3, Ukraine - 250 mg / m3


  • The efficiency factor amounts to 94-97%. As a comparison: wood boilers gasification - 55-75%, gas boilers - 83-85%, condensing gas - 90-92%, pellet boilers - 80-85%, etc.
  • When the burner temperature reaches 1300 °C, the flue gas temperature at the outlet of the boiler does not exceed 120 °C.
  • VERSATILE boilers burn almost all types of pellets (the pellet humidity should be no more than 10%).
  • The use of pellets with a lower power capacity (energy value) is offset by an increase in the volume of incineration.
  • The boilers are part of the third class, which indicates the maximum efficiency with minimum emissions to the atmosphere and full operational safety.
  • Fireproof design that requires no additional sealing.
  • Movable self-cleaning grating regularly intermingles burning pellets, thus allowing to avoid "sticking".
  • Stable values of combustion and emissions as well as absence of tar deposits during the entire period of operation.
  • The lifespan is measured in decades.
  • The boiler is not subject to oxidation or wear and tear.
  • Boilers with "a multisystem burner" - the burning pellets intermingling provides a better access for oxygen, thereby increasing the combustion temperature to t = 1300 °C. It provides for the maximum combustion of different types of pellets with minimal emissions and ash residues.
  • The original design of the heat exchanger ensures the optimum gas convection and maximum heat transfer from the hot gas to the heat carrier.
  • The vertical arrangement of the heat exchanger significantly simplifies its cleaning.
  • Fully automated operating process and control.
  • The information-bearing display shows real-time key parameters (heat carrier temperature, flue gas temperature and so forth) and presents the boiler status, the need for cleaning.
  • The fuel screw feed allows the boiler to operate in the automatic mode up to several months with the single load of pellets (depending on the temperature mode and the boiler reservoir volume).
  • The system of automatic screw feed of the pellets from external silo to the boiler reservoir is developed, which is especially important for limited capacity of the pellet manual loading.